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The Proceedings of GREAT Day

Established in 2009, The Proceedings of GREAT Day journal compiles and publishes promising student work presented at SUNY Geneseo’s GREAT Day symposium. The projects, presentations and research included here represent the academic rigor, multidisciplinary study, and unique creativity of the students taking part in the SUNY Geneseo GREAT Day symposium.

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Gandy Dancer

We've titled our journal Gandy Dancer after the slang term for the railroad workers who laid and maintained the railroad tracks before the advent of machines to do this work. Most theories suggest that this term arose from the dance-like movements of the workers, as they pounded and lifted to keep tracks aligned. This was grueling work, which required the gandy dancers to endure heat and cold, rain and snow.

Like the gandy dancers, writers and artists arrange and rearrange, adjust and polish to create something that allows others passage.

Gandy Dancer is an online literary magazine, publishing fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, drama and visual art. We welcome student writers and artists from all the SUNY campuses to submit. Edited by students at SUNY Geneseo, Gandy Dancer will be published twice yearly.

The editors invite submissions that forge connections between people and places and, like the railroad itself, bring news of the world. We hope you'll join us on the journey.

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Educational Change: The Journal of the New York State Foundations of Education Association

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Praxis is an international peer refereed journal published twice annually, Spring and Fall, by the Women's & Gender Studies and Africana & Latino Studies Departments at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oneonta. Praxis, to further the free exchange of ideas, will publish positions or statements which the editors neither agree with nor endorse. From 1989-2009, the journal appeared under the title Phoebe

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